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Key Holding for Alarm Response Service

AdSec Group offers an alarm activation key holder response to visit your premises in the event of an alarm call out.

Alarm Activation Key Holding allows you, the client, to rest, assured in the knowledge that the security of your premises is maintained during your hours of closure.

The purpose of this service is to facilitate an emergency response to any alarm activations at your premises; we will follow your instructions in respect of attendance, and ensure the premises are not compromised. Should you currently assign this responsibility to a member of your staff you have to consider their healthy and personal safety should they attend site, not knowing what they may encounter, AdSec can remove this important responsibility and ensure a fully trained patroller attends site, who has the experience and background knowledge to deal with any issues that may be found.

On arrival at site the patroller will assess the situation, it may be that the alarm has been set off unnecessarily but a full patrol will be carried out to evaluate the circumstance, and if appropriate the alarm can be reset in situ or reported to Red Care as required. A full report of events and actions taken will be sent to your designated representative by email before our patroller leaves the premises. In the event of a serious breach of your security, we will contact the key-holder in line with your specific instructions and wait at site until the situation is resolved to your satisfaction. Emergency services will be contacted as appropriate when the patroller has assessed the requirement.

Local Police may attend at the alarm activation but won't possess the alarm codes or the keys; we will hold the keys to your premises in a secure location. All keys held by ADSEC are coded and cannot be identified with the premises concerned by an unauthorised person.