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Mobile Patrolling

Mobile Patrol services can be established when a full time security presence is not required.

To assess fully the client's needs an initial site survey will be carried out to establish what type of mobile service is required. This will include a full Health and Safety Risk Assessment. Agreed Terms of Business will be established in discussion with the client, including key factors, like frequency of patrol, duration of patrols, whether they are internal or external; or both. Patrols can be covert or overt and reported to you by email with photographs of any issues to be addressed.

Visiting site outside of normal working hours, our patrol officers can perform a variety of tasks aimed at preventing or reducing loss and waste.

  • Looking for break in’s, fence or barrier collapse
  • Reporting defective security devices, such as gates, locks, fences etc
  • Checking potential fire hazards
  • Dealing with unwanted visitors, such as vagrants looking for somewhere to sleep or aberrant looking for a venue to imbibe alcohol or drugs.

Our patroller will put in a call to the Local Police, who will attend, should a patroller find any unwanted visitors, our patroller will stay at site until such time as they arrive, providing a visible deterrent to the intruder.

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