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Alert: Fraudsters claiming to be from the Home Office

Action Fraud is warning people to watch out for cold calls from fraudsters purporting to be from the Home Office. One of these calls has left one victim £12,000 out of pocket. Read the full article by clicking here

Adsec Finalist for both Docklands and Havering Business Awards

We were delighted to have been Finalists to the Havering Business Awards and Docklands Business Club & East London Business Award as a finalist in the category of Staff Training and Development 2013.

We believe this demonstrates the recognition we have received for putting such a significant amount of emphasis on developing and training our staff at all levels, so thank you to all those who helped us being recognised for both of these prestiguous awards.

Teresa Barrett, Service Director of Adsec

You can view the The Havering Business AwardsFacebook page by clicking on the image below.


Havering Business awards fg


Adsec reaches for the stars in SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

Today Adsec Group scored 95 points on our SIA ACS audit, which means we have entered the top 20% of company's providing security services via the Approved Contractor Scheme of our regulatory body. I'd like to thank all the management team, support staff and site based staff at Adsec for their commitment, hard work and tireless support in delivering excellence to our clients, every one of us can make a difference, and you have all played your part in helping us to achieve this fantastic result. Congratulations everyone.

Teresa Barrett, Service Director of Adsec

Physical Intervention Training Course

Following the successful completion of our first Physical Intervention Training Course at our offices last weekend, we are drawing up a list of dates, to be arranged for the first Sunday of every month, for all officers of Adsec to undertake this important training. Our Security Manager will be in touch to offer you the opportunity to take part. The training will be certificated by and paid for by Adsec Group Ltd. We hope that you will all welcome this opportunity to add to your qualifications and assist us to offer a first class service to our clients.

Changes To Our Licensing Document Requirements

On 31 August the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is changing its rules on the documents it will accept. Since our licensing process relies heavily on the Criminal Records Bureau, we will be changing our rules as well.

Crime gangs using 'cash claws' to block London ATMs

The City of London Police's Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Card Unit warns of a new ATM fraud where criminals use an invisible 'cash claw' to steal money.

Securing Getty Images

Ad-Sec has recently secured contracts with Getty Images for three of their buildings in London, these are their prestigious Headquarters, offices and Library where we conduct 24 hour security services.