Staff Area

Security & Support

Planning and Implementation

Understanding client needs is crucial to the implementation of effective security and support services.

The key to this understanding is to build a close working relationship during the commencement of a contract, so that realistic plans can be made and implemented, staff specially trained, Assignment Instructions agreed and Service Level Agreements created and progress monitored on an agreed timetable.

A schedule of meetings are arranged for the period prior and immediately following the contract start date, ensuring that plans are fulfilled, to ascertain client satisfaction.

It is this on-going process of communication that allows us to ensure that client requirements are entirely fulfilled thereby giving us a platform with which to begin to exceed them.

Within 1 month of the commencement of security and support operations, we carry out a thorough inspection of the security systems, equipment and procedures in place.

This is a vital step toward provision of a purpose-created service effectively meets the clients needs.